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Weight loss, so easy?

If someone tells you that there is such a miraculous water, that your obesity may be chantant, you can not believe it, you can also feel this joke. But we are not kidding, we are talking about detox water which is also known as water or pure water.

To do detox water, it is just that you have to drink a few times a day by mixing any ingredients given in plain water. Let’s know, how detox water can help you reduce weight.


Lemon juiceImage result for WEIGHT loss FRUIT

Lemon-cucumber detox water recipe
1) A lemon

2) A cucumber

3) a jar water

4) Mint leaves of mint

Cut the lemon into two pieces. Cut the cucumber into small pieces too. Just dip these two in the water jar. Let some leaves of mint be cooled in the fridge for 1-2 hours as well.
After two hours, you can consume this water for a whole day by removing the jar.

Watermelon Datotech Water Recipe
Melon detox water

Cut some pieces of watermelon into a jar of water. First, do not forget to extract seeds. Now leave it for free in fridge so that it also cools down and the melon-rich fragrance of watermelon fits well into the water.

After an hour, take it out of Friedz and drink it – you will also enjoy drinking and your weight will also gradually decrease. What can be the best way to lose weight?

Sindia queen detox water recipesImage result for WEIGHT loss FRUIT
While sleeping our body is naturally detoxification. But if you want to increase your body’s metabolism during sleep, so that the fat is rapidly decreasing, then take advantage of this water recipe.

  • 1) 1 small pieces of cucumber
  • 2) 1 lemon juice
  • 3) 1 teaspoon aloe vera juice
  • 4) 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 5) 1 Pinch parsley
  • Blend them all in a mixer and mix them in a glass of water. Just eat it before sleeping and let the body do its work!
  • daark chaklet kaa sevan karen:-daark chaklet men kailori uchch maatraa men hoti hai, aise men yadi aapkaa vajan kam hai aur aapko chaklet khaanaa pasand hai। to vajan bdhaane ke lia aapko niyamit chaklet kaa sevan karnaa chaahia। chaklet kaa sevan karne se aapke sharir men kailori ki maatraa bdhti hai jisse aapke vajan ko bdhaane men madad milti hai।vajan bdhaane ke lia tnaav an len khush rahen:-
  • Image result for WEIGHT lossmaanasik atnaav aapke sharir ki gatividhiyon par bahut buraa asar daaltaa hai, kyonki aapki badi men sabhi prakriyaao ko karne kaa kaam mastishk kaa hotaa hai। aise men tnaav men rahne bhi aapke dublepan kaa kaaran ho saktaa hai। esilia yadi aap chaahte hain ki aapkaa vajan sahi rahen to eske lia aapko tnaav se bachnaa chaahia aur khush rahne ki koshish karni chaahia।red mit khaane se bhi bdhtaa hai vajan:-

    vajan bdhaane ke lia red mit kaa sevan ek asardaar upaay hai, kyonki esmen lyusin paayaa jaataa hai jisme emino esid bharpur maatraa men hote hai। jo ki aapki maanspeshiyon ke vikaas aur unki vriaddhi karne men madad karte hai। yadi aap red mit khaa sakte hai to apne vajan ko bdhaane ke lia aap ese apne aahaar men shaamil kar sakte hai।

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