top 20 Home Tips for Treatment of Hormonal Fur

In the summer, there is no problem for you only for Loo or Summer. Rather, there is more chance of furus boils in this season. Because bad bacteria increases due to excess sweating. Due to which you may have this problem, and sometimes they cause irritation and itching problems. In this case, if you do not take good care of your cleanliness, then this bad bacteria comes in contact with your skin and causes problems of boils and furunization.

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Once you boil the boils, you suffer pain, but many times it gets cured, but after the end, they do not get stains. In such cases, these stain marks on the skin also spoil your beauty. That’s why it is important that you keep your skin covered in the summer with good cover and also carefully clean your cleansing. So let’s say that today we are going to tell you some similar home remedies that help you to avoid boils.

  • Due to abscesses of boils: –
  • If you eat dirty water or take bath with it, then you may have this problem due to bad bacteria in your body.
  • Boils also become fungal by consuming more oil and spicy things in the summer.
  • You can also have this problem because of not keeping an eye on the body’s cleanliness.
  • Sometimes this problem is also due to side effects of medicines.
  • It is also difficult to eat hot things in the summer.
  • Household tips to avoid boil in summer: –
  • Use carrot and oil: –
  • To do this remedy, first grind the carrot, after that add some oil to the pan and heat it. After the oil is heated, put the carrots in the pan and heated it well, then put it on the boil, and tie the cloth.
  • Coconut oil and camphor: –
  • By humming the coconut oil, mixing a little crispy camphor in it, putting it on two boil two to three times a day, you get relief from this troubles in the summer.
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  • Use Basil: –
  • Antibacterial properties present in Tulsi helps protect your body from many problems. For this, you should prepare a paste by grinding five to six basil leaves twice a day, and put it on your boil. This will benefit you.
  • Use Aloe Vera: –
  • To do this remedy, take a spoonful of aloe vera gelatin and grind it well, then add some turmeric in it, and it is boiled like a coating on the boil. Doing this twice a day for a few days gives you the benefit.
  • Bitter gourd juice: –
  • Bitter gourd juice also helps you eliminate this problem. For this, you should remove the juice of bitter gourd and use it three to four times a day with the help of cotton. Slowly your boil fumes will cure.
  • Use Mehandi: –
  • The coolness of Mehandi also helps you to avoid the problem of boils in the summer. For this, add one spoon of margarine in one cup of water and boil it well, then after the help of cotton, put it on your boil. Doing this remedy for two to three times a day gives you the benefit.
  • Limb and Celery: –
  • Prepare a spoon celery well and prepare it as a powder. After that add the lemon juice to it and apply it on the boil like a coating and tie the cloth. Regularizing this helps you to prevent boils from fur.
  • Multani soil is beneficial: –
  • Due to cold weather, multani soil provides you with cooling in the summer as well as protecting you from boils. To do this remedy, soak the small multani clay in the water, and prepare the lip. By applying this lip twice a day for a few days your boils will end.
  • Melon seeds: –
  • Clean the seeds of melon and grind them well with the peel, after which it is like lepece, putting it on two and three times a day for boils, helps you to get relief from this problem.
  • Neem is also beneficial: –
  • Neem is very beneficial to remove the infection on your skin. To do this, you need to put Neem’s Nemoole in water and boil it well, and after that clean the boil boil three to four times in the day, besides making a paste of neem leaves and boiling it on the boil. You also get the advantage.
  • Use Guava leaves: –
  • Boil eight ten amu leaves in water and boil well. After this, grind them well and prepare the paste. Put this coating on the boil twice a day. Regularly doing this for a few days will benefit you.
  • Oil and turmeric: –
  • Antiseptic properties present in the turmeric help you to avoid the problem of boils. For this, you heat some oil on the pan and add some turmeric powder and cook it. After that, bind it to the boil and apply it. Do this until you recover from your pimple.
  • Use pumpkin vine: –
  • Break the pumpkin’s vine leaves and grind them well. After that, take out their juice and apply them on the boil. This remedy helps you avoid the problem of boils and pimples.
  • pineapple juice:-
  • Using pineapple juice also helps to recover your booze pores quickly. For this, you need to take pineapple juice and put it three to four times in the puffery.
  • Leaves of dues: –
  • Grate the leaves of the dough and prepare the paste. Then apply this coating on your boil. Regularly do this until your abscess blisters are fixed.
  • Use Potatoes: –
  • Grind potatoes and grind its juice, now apply this juice on three to four times a day with the help of cotton. This helps to cure your abscess pimples. If you want you can also consume two spoons of potato juice in the morning, it also benefits you.
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  • Masur lentils:-
  • Soak soaked lentils and grind it, now it is beneficial for you to take this remedy regularly as it is boiled like a lip.
  • Chandan and Nimbo: –
  • Make a paste by mixing a spoonful of sandalwood powder, a spoonful bran, a spoonful of multimedia clay water and a few drops of lemon juice. Now put this paste on your boil twice a day, you will get the benefit.
  • Tea Tree Oil: –
  • Sprinkle Tea Tree Oil in three to four times a day, soak it in cotton, and apply it on the boil well, it helps to cure your boils.
  • Use the marigold flower: –
  • Break the leaves of the flowers of the lilies and boil it well, then boil it with water three to four times a day, cleansing the pimples, doing this solution helps you recover your boils.
  • So if you have any trouble associated with boils in the summer, then you can also use the above tips to avoid this. Apart from this, you do not want more corrosion, because it increases the chances of scarring.

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