To increase your brain power eat this

If the person’s bad habits are talked about, the habit of forgetting is one of them, and this is a very bad habit. Because for this reason many times people forget such things which are very necessary. It is not that there is an age for forgetting, it can be anyone, children, old men and young people. And the biggest reason for this is the lack of concentration, as well as the nutrients you need to recall your brain, if they do not get enough of them, then this may also be a problem of forgetting you.

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  • Are you also troubled by this habit? Do you also get wives to listen to women after going home many times, or do you have to scold the teacher in school? So no one can tell that this is not a problem that has no cure, but if you forget those things many times, because of which you have to face a lot of trouble. So you should try that you consume such foods and nutrients that help your brain recover, and if concentration is large, let us now explain the solution to this problem.
  • Eat figs: –
  • Phosphorous elements that are found in abundance in fruits help to increase your memory. And in Fig, it is found in sufficient quantity, so if you consume regular figs, then it helps you to be strong in the brain. With fig, you can also consume grapes and oranges.
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  • Take green tea: –
  • Antioxidants and polyifinol present in Green Tea help to increase your memory power faster. At the same time it is also beneficial for your health, and it also makes you feel frash. To make your memory sharp, you must take at least two cups of green tea in one day.
  • Eat dark chocolate: –
  • Flavonoid content is present in dark chocolate. Which works to improve blood circulation in your brain, as well as some such antioxidants, then you die in helping to increase memory. That’s why you should consume dark chocolate to keep your mind fixed.
  • Add broccoli to your diet: –
  • Eating broccoli also helps in improving your memory and working your brain faster. Because broccoli helps in improving brain cells and also making better contact with them. Which helps your brain work faster.
  • Eat peanuts: –
  • You should consume plenty of Vitamin B3 in order to increase the brain and increase the condition. And in peanut it is found in abundance so that if you consume it regularly it helps to increase your mental health.
  • Eat newspaper regularly: –
  • Omega 3, present in Akhaurt, helps your brain work faster. And omega 3 helps in exchange of information between cells in your brain, which is called neurotransmission. And it helps your brain work faster.
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  • Eat almonds: –
  • Almonds also help to speed up your brain. If regular you consume five to six almonds, you get a lot of benefit, as well, to keep the mind sharp, you soak eight nuts in the night and keep it in water. And in the morning, take out their peel and prepare their paste. And heat a glass of milk and put that paste in it. Also add honey as well as regular consumption helps you to get your brain cells done better so that your brain gets faster.
  • Take salmon fish: –
  • Salmon fish rich in fatty acids also helps your brain work faster. Sixty percent of our brains have been made from fat, so to speed up the brain, you should have plenty of fatty acids. And if you are non-wage, then you must definitely take it.
  • Take tomatoes: –
  • Leicopin in tomato helps your brain work faster. Also, the problem of free radicals which is not good for your brain. It also helps in protecting you, that is why it should be eaten as a salad along with vegetable itself.
  • Eat blueberries: –
  • Flavonoids help to speed up your brain faster as well as speed up your brain. And this is found in abundance in blueberries, which help you to get your brain done faster.

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