top 10 tips to save makeup from sweat in summer

The summer season is quite troubling. Due to the rising heat in the summer season people do not like to get out of the house, but even sitting at home does not get rid of sweat. In such a situation it is very difficult to maintain your makeup for the whole day. Especially when you have to go somewhere.

The biggest problem with sweat during summer is to sweat. Because no matter how much water proof makeup is done. All in the sun gets equal. Due to the outside sunlight and persistent sweating, it is impossible to make a make-up. But do you know that there are a few ways in which with the help of summer, make-up can be retained for long periods of time. Here we are telling you about these methods.

Tips to save makeup from sweat in summer: -

Start right:

It is very necessary to have the right start to keep makeup for a long time. The biggest problem that happens in the skin in summer is to have oily skin, which is why the makeup is not good and it starts spreading as soon as sweating. To get rid of this problem, clean your face with oil-control face and cold water just before doing make-up.

After this take a piece of ice and rub it on your face. Doing so will stop the oil from your face and will not sweat until your makeup is set. Now wipe your face with soft towels of cotton, do not rubbish This will prepare the base for your makeup.

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Avoid Liquid Foundation:

After the facial cleansing, it is used to apply the foundation on the face. In most of the elections, women mostly make a mistake. Because the selection of the foundation should always be done according to its skin tone. If you choose a light shed foundation in the face of looking blonde, then your face may look quite strange. And when it is summer, the Liquid Foundation should be avoided in such weather.

Because even though it is of very good quality, it starts withdrawing after sweating. According to the Makeup Experts, in the summer, instead of foundation, use softer. Because it is lighter and lasts for a long time. If you do not get it then you should use Foundation Stick or Mood. To avoid tanning, use a bit BB Cream or sunscreen cream in the Foundation.

Put the foundation on the sponge instead of the hand with the sponge. With this it will be well set in your skin pores. And the whole face will look the same. One more thing you have to take care of is compact. Always buy compact sheds of your foundation. After the foundation is set, apply the compact on the nose, under the eyes, on the neck and forehead.

Pay special attention to the eyes:

The eyes are considered as the most important part of personality, it is necessary to create the beauty of the weather regardless of the weather. Experts say that while making the makeup in the summer, choose light floral shade for this while applying the eyeshadow. Use the primer instead of the eye shadow and it will not fail. Eye shadow comes after mascara.

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Always choose a free-to-mascar for mascara. But do not put too much mascara. Mascara is so good, why not sweat and heat does not allow it to last long. Instead of black you can use any other color mascara. Apply liner always slim. Glitter liner does not look very good in the summer days. If you are wearing a mascara then apply a transparent mascara instead of black color.

Get help with blush-on:

How good is makeup, unless your face is in shape will not look good and this work blushes on. Experts agree that your makeup kit is incomplete without blush on. For this, put it in your cheeks like a dot and then ring it with the ring finger. In the summer, colors such as ruby, strawberries will remain right.

Brush to apply lipstick:

The biggest problem in summer is for lips. During the summer, the effect of drying of the throat begins to appear on the lips, due to which the cracks in the lipstick begin to fall. In this case, you should take some such measures that lipsticks stay on for a long time.

Before applying lipstick, apply baby cream or primer on your lip. And then lip out the lip liner from the lip liner. Then apply pink, pitch or light brown color lipstick brush on your lips. Lipstick will not take too much amount and will be set well on the lips by applying the brush.

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